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WebClientPrint does support all common printer communications like USB-Installed Drivers, Network/IP-Ethernet, Serial COM-RS232 and Parallel (LPT).

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WebClientPrint can detect the installed printers in your machine. Load installed printers...

Printer Commands

Enter the printer's commands you want to send and is supported by the specified printer (ESC/P, PCL, ZPL, EPL, DPL, IPL, EZPL, etc).

NOTE: You can use the hex notation of VB or C# for non-printable characters e.g. for Carriage Return (ASCII 13) you could use &H0D or 0x0D

Upload Files
This online demo does not allow you to upload files. So, if you have a file containing the printer commands like a PRN file, Postscript, PCL, ZPL, etc, then we recommend you to download WebClientPrint and test it by using the sample source code included in the package. Feel free to contact our Tech Support for further assistance, help, doubts or questions.
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